Esteem specializes in taking your written word and making it sizzle. Through careful editing, your dissertation, book, article or other writing project can be the best representation of you.


Everyone has a book brewing inside; it's time you got your message out and shared it with the world. You're one step away from making that book idea an actual book.

Esteem Founder Katara Washington Patton is passionate about helping people bring to fruition all their ideas for books and other media products. She's worked in publishing all of her 25-year career and understands today's publishing world. Whether you're trying to get your work noticed by a traditional house or want to self-publish it, Katara can work with you to develop a schedule and a plan. She's worked with Tyndale House Publishers, Zondervan, Hachette, Urban Ministries (UMI), Johnson Publishing Company and several other media outlets.


Proofreading and Editing are different skills and different jobs. Every work needs a good proofreading, a new set of eyes that checks to alleviate typos, grammar mistakes, and any of those odd things that can crop up in your document. It's the final stage before your work is ready to be published, printed, or disseminated. Don't skip this step; it can make a world of difference for you.


Esteem can help you craft your ideas into words that reflect your tone and style accurately and elegantly. Whether you need a ghost writer, a co-writer, or a writing coach, Esteem can help you get your message across.

Esteem Founder Katara Washington Patton has written articles, books, workbooks, curriculum, speeches, sermons and research papers throughout her 25-year career as a journalist and editor. She most recently wrote ancillary products from books by best-selling authors Beth Moore and Bishop T.D. Jakes. She also teaches theological writing to seminarians.

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